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Bahrain vACC

Covering Bahrain and Qatar.


The Bahrain vACC is part of the VATSIM Middle East and North Africa division, it covers both Bahrain and Qatar. Our primary focus airports are Doha Hamad (OTHH) and Bahrain (OBBI) from which we have multiple events per week with various other vACC's in and out of our division. We offer high-quality ATC training from OBS to C1 and have a dedicated team of staff members all dedicated to the success of one of the Middle East's core vACC's.

The Bahrain vACC is composed of many local and international members making us a well-balanced and diverse community of pilots and air traffic controllers. As a highly active vACC we offer pilots multiple options to fly in and out of our airports while we host weekly events.

We have a team of professional and active controllers providing an excellent service across the whole of the Bahrain FIR. Our experienced staff team support and encourage the growth of the vACC through event planning, training, and extensive documentation to create an exciting, enjoyable, and educational experience.

Getting Started


Join us by choosing the Bahrain vACC when you login to the VATME HQ.


Come fly with us in our weekly events. You can also request ATC in our Discord Server.


Visit our vACC or train with us by submitting a support ticket on the VATME HQ.


Our documentation can be found in our documentation centre.

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Want to find out more, or need some help? Send us an email or join our Discord server and we will get back to you as soon as possible!